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Creating the county we want

Do you feel like Nevada County leadership is out of touch with your concerns and more and more representative of extreme minority views and interests? Do you wonder what they were thinking when they voted to ban outdoor cannabis growing? We do, too.

we have a plan to build a countywide movement to turn things around.

We like doing math, and our math indicates that we don’t have to change minds in order to put the county back in our hands—we just have to get more of the people who want change to participate in creating the future we want.

Quite simply, the county leadership does not represent the actual majority of residents who are progressive, thoughtful and open-minded. This isn’t because of any conspiracy. It’s because many of us have come to believe that our voice doesn't matter, and we've stopped even trying.

We're running three complementary Take2 campaigns to defeat Measure W on June 7th. Please take a few moments to pledge to each of them.

  1. Vote builder. We need approximately 6,000 people who don't usually vote to cast a NO ballot. Pledge yours now.
  2. Team builder. To reach 6,000 new voters before the election we need approximately 2,000 hours of strategic volunteerism. See the options and pledge here.
  3. Posse builder. That's this page. To build sustained peer support for voting, volunteering and engagement, at levels sufficient to swing the vote, we need 1,500 6-person teams of friends.

Fifteen hundred posses of mostly new voters can swing the results of almost any election in Nevada County.

We're building posses in stages, using posse members themselves to grow our ranks.

Our first goal was recruiting 20 posse coordinators. Each of these coordinators will now recruit a crew of five friends. Each of these five friends will become coordinators, too, and recruit five friends for a new posse, and so on. Everyone will be thus be a crew member of one posse and a coordinator of a another.

Stage 1: 20 posses Done!

Stage 2: 100 posses

Stage 3: 500 posses

Stage 4: 1500 posses

What posses do

  1. You are engaging friends in a long-term effort to change local (and maybe national) politics, supporting each other and working together as a team.
  2. The time commitment needn’t be significant—each member must only be dedicated to following through on the basics.
  3. Support members in starting and leading their own posses.
  4. Ensure voting. Pledge to vote, remind when it’s time, make sure you’re all registered and have a way to the polls, let each other know you did.
  5. Meet regularly face to face, create a private FB group, SMS, group chat....whatever your posse style—keep in touch!

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Can a non-internet user be in a posse?

Yes. You just need a way to communicate. In person or sms are great options.

Can an ineligible voter be in a posse?

Yes! Voting is only part of it. It's also about supporting each other and many forms of non-violent protest that help build the movement.

Can an unregistered voter join a posse?

Yes. And then get them registered.

What if most of my friends already vote?

That's great. You're civic minded folks so your crew would make great volunteers; the group is more powerful than the individual for effecting any particular change that someone in your group feels strongly about, too; and, by starting a posse, you're recruiting 5 folks to the movement—perhaps one doesn't vote all the time, but in any case, now they are all going to form their own posses. As this cascades, infrequent voters will be pulled in. One more thing, voting behavior isn't something that gets discussed too much among most friends, so just by asking you might be surprised and trigger engagement.

How many posses can I start/be part of?

In our current vision, every activist will be crew on one posse (the "up posse") and the leader of another one (the "down posse"). We ask that people join just one and start just one, so that you're part of 2 at the most.

OK, I pledged to create a posse, now what?

  • Pledge your vote on the counter, and volunteer on the team builder.
  • Start thinking of good candidates to invite to join your posse when we reach the goal.
  • Share this campaign with people who might want to start their own, but whom you aren't inviting to yours.

Other questions?

Ask the community on our Facebook page. Or, if it's private, email





Please note that goals are subject to change if new data suggests they should.


I will create a posse
I will invite 5 friends to join my posse, and I'll do it in the next 6 days. I'll try to choose friends who rarely vote, and I'll let them know that part of the deal is them starting a posse, too.
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Sign me up for the next one
I'm not ready to jump in at this moment, but this seems cool. Let me know about future opportunities to mobilize with a high likelihood of success for things I care about.
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