Stop Oakland Coal Terminal

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Phil Tagami, developer of the new Global Logistics Center at the former Oakland Army Base in West Oakland, promised in 2013 that “California Capital Investment Group is publicly on record as having no interest or involvement in the pursuit of coal-related operations at the former Oakland Army Base.”

Now, in 2015, Tagami is poised to allow four Oakland port project into a massive coal export terminal. If allowed to move forward, millions of tons of dirty, toxic, climate-killing coal will roll through West Oakland on mile long trains, creating toxic pollution in a community already overburdened by heavy industry.

The proposed project has several vulnerabilities, and if enough public pressure is applied, there's a very good chance that we can stop it. The Oakland City Council likely has authority to outlaw it. A state organization in Utah that has promised to help fund it is being scrutinized for the unusual investment and can possibly be pressured to withdraw the money. Likewise, the developers -- long-time investors with personal and professional stakes in the community -- could simply change their minds once they see the public and political costs and decide to pursue other cargo streams for the new port development. We're working on all of these fronts and need your help.

We have a unique way of leveraging your power to stop the Tagami coal train in its tracks.

We’re using Take2’s brand new organizing platform to enable you to participate in just the way you want, by spending as much or as little time as you like and by choosing the kind of action that you’re good at or that just makes you happy. Best of all, we’ll only activate the campaign and ask you to follow through on your pledge if we’ve gotten enough pledges to make us think that we’ll succeed.

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Sign the petition
It's easy and it just takes a minute.
546 pledges
Take the “I’ll never vote for Tagami” pledge
and stymie his ambitions for public office.
856 pledges
Non-scripted phone call
to your Oakland council member: If you are not an Oakland resident, please call Mayor Schaaf.
345 pledges
Lobby church leaders
who supported the project at the September council meeting to reverse position
234 pledges
Original letters to the editors
of bay area, sacramento, Salt Lake and all affected Utah counties’ newspapers
123 pledges
Help prep people to testify
at the City Council. For those with relevant expertise.
9 pledges
Non-scripted phone call
to each (8 plus the mayor) Oakland council member
56 pledges
Know someone who knows someone
Phil Tagami is connected to [all of these]( civic groups. If you know someone at one of these groups, you could politely suggest that he/she politely suggests to Tagami that his reputation in town is more valuable than the coal deal. LinkedIn search the principals of California Capital & Investment Group (aka CCIG or 'California Group'), Phil Tagami, Len Epstein, Damian Fink and Mark McClure to see if you’re connected to any of them.
8 pledges
Get your organization involved
Are you a member or leader of any organizations, unions, neighborhood associations, businesses, and community institutions? Get them to join dozens of local organizations in opposing this dirty coal project.
7 pledges
Recruit local businesses
Businesses, organizations, and prominent community members have signed on to our letter to the Mayor and the City Council.
13 pledges
Tabling at Fox Theater
(this would happen every night of a big show, but you’d only have to sign up to do it once)
11 pledges
Post flyers
on telephone poles, ask businesses to put a poster in their window, leafleting at public events like Farmers Markets
12 pledges
Attend and optionally speak at a city council hearing
5 pledges
Create original artwork for the campaign
1 pledges
Design graphics, create poster/tshirt/sign art
2 pledges
Pro-bono legal work
1 pledges
Mobilize alternative potential recipients of the Utah money
Some Utah-centric actions here
Lobby AG, letters to the editor, etc
11 pledges