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How Bernie can take the nomination

We’ve been doing math. It tells us that if voting over the course of the rest of the Democratic primary reflects current polling numbers (Hillary 50%, Bernie 40%), and if turnout is average, Clinton will win by about 5 million total votes.1

That means for Bernie to win, he needs the participation of a little more than 5 million of his supporters who hadn’t been planning to vote, believers who will participate on the condition that it will probably make a decisive difference.

Let's be honest. Five million is a lot of people. But, the thing is, Bernie has approximately 30 million supporters in the states that haven't voted yet. We don't have to convince anyone to support him. We just have to convince another 20 percent of the people who already support him to actually vote!

There are many ways to achieve this, and they all depend on individual supporters enlisting other individual supporters. We built this tool to show how much additional support Bernie needs, and to give you concrete ways to take part while seeing exactly how your participation leads to victory. Our goal for every user of this platform is simple:

  • Recruit 5 friends to pledge on this page to volunteer
  • Recruit 10 new voters to pledge to vote

If you think Bernie Sanders stands for something different, genuine and important in this age of bought politics, but aren’t sure he can actually win, this tool is for you.

If you care about the world but have never felt like your actions make a difference, this tool is for you.

If you believe the presidency is bigger than one person and that no candidate—no matter how honest, good-hearted, smart, charismatic, genuine, or passionate—can save our democracy alone without a massive people-powered movement to push and protect him or her, this tool is for you.

How Bernie Takes the Nomination on Take2 works:

  1. You pledge to volunteer to help get people to vote this primary season.
  2. Folks you convince pledge at the vote builder for their state, see below. (If you're eligible, pledge yourself, too, of course!)
  3. We all work together to gather enough votes as soon as we can; the sooner we act, the more states still remain and the easier it is to get 5 million!
  4. Elections come, pledgers get voting reminders, and, if our calculations are correct, we win.

Pledge to volunteer right now and show our collective power to create true democracy.

Whether your state has voted or hasn't, you can help, easily, immediately.

The campaign and volunteers have created several ways to help right now from the comfort of your keyboard, phone or sneakers. Please make sure to *pledge* before you start working so we can keep track of progress towards our goal!

  1. Canvass. If you live in a voting state or can travel there, getting face-to-face with voters is the highest-impact thing you can do for this campaign, and all you gotta do to start is contact your local field office or campaign HQ.
  2. Phonebank. It sounds scary, and it actually is for most people at first. But then it gets fun and addictive. Phonebanking is used to find out who voters are backing, identify and coordinate with supporters, and recruit volunteers.
  3. Facebank. Use the Bernie Friend Finder to find all your Friends and Friends of Friends who Like Bernie and live in a target state; then send a simple message about our goal and the critical importance of voting. Join our Facebanking group to stay hip and contribute to the latest strategies.
  4. Text for Bernie: another great new tool that allows you to build the web with other supporters. Since you are contacting potential volunteers, nearly all of your interactions are overwhelming positive!
  5. Share, share, share on social media. Counteract the mainstream media's bias with all the good news they're leaving out. The campaign built a site that will send you notifications whenever there's a big social media push.
  6. Join one of the Bernie specialist volunteer teams.
  7. Host a Barnstorm, a 90-minute organizing meeting designed to sign up everybody in the room to contact voters for Bernie. Fun, high-energy and easy to execute.
  8. Freestyle recruitment. No special tools required: just find 5–10 friends any way you can and convince them to pledge and vote.

More info

Please note that the goal is subject to change if new polls or demonstrated volunteering results suggest it should.

1 Although the nomination is decided by delegates, not popular vote, there's a highly correlated equivalency.


I will canvass for Bernie
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + I will spend at least one day canvassing in my state.
I will phonebank
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + between now and June 7, I'll phonebank for at least 16 hours.
I will Facebank
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + I'll Facebank as long as it takes to get 10 new voters to confirm to me that they'll vote.
I will text for Bernie
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + I'll join the texting crew and text regularly until June 7th.
I will get all social with the media
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer, subscribe to the campaign's social media tool and try to share at least one cool thing per day.
I will join Special Teams
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer, join one of the campaign's special volunteer teams and do it on the regular until June 7.
I will host a Barnstorm
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + I'll host as many Barnstorms as it takes to sign up at least 10 new voters.
I will gig for Bernie (for musicians)
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + the next time I perform I'll sign up at least 10 new voters.
I will convince 1 person to vote
I'll find one new voter, somewhere, somehow.
20 pledges
I will approach strangers
I'll recruit 5 friends to volunteer + I'll stand at public places where Bernie lovers gather and gather at least ten of them.
Sign me up for the next one
I'm not ready to jump in at this moment, but this seems cool. Let me know about future opportunities to mobilize with a high likelihood of success for things I care about.